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Ellie Goulding

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If I really like a song, I don’t tend to ever tire of it; perhaps my Cancerian nature edges me towards obsession as opposed to fickleness. Yes, this could explain why I have at times kept hold of things which are clearly well past their sell by date…Monster Munch, Bonjela, relationships; sweet at the start but leave you with a distinctly sour taste towards the end…but I digress, I am on this occasion referring to the addictive and simply smashing sound of Ellie Goulding.

I saw Ellie live on her recent support slot for Passion Pit, another of my electronically charged favourites and have been a big fan from that point on. I love those rare moments when you hear a song that you really like from the initial few bars, and ‘Under the Sheets’ is one of those, for me. I love the imagery Ellie captures in this song; the idea of being at your most vulnerable with someone and them some how killing you at the same time, be it with their words or lack thereof:

‘You’re not the answer I should know…like all the boys before, like all the boys before…

I love this lyric; it suggests despair and cynicism yet still a glimmer of hope at the same time; an acknowledgement that at least she should know the answer and you know what they say – acceptance is the first step on the road to recovery.

I knew that Imaginative Writing degree would take over my life!


Written by shelleyhanveywriter

April 26, 2010 at 4:44 pm

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