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I watched a great folk/blues band at MAPS Festival this weekend; John McIvor. The four-piece are named after their lead singer, chief songwriter and creative force, who I predict big things from. I’ve just finished writing a piece on them for, which you can view here:

 Here is a short extract below:

Fusing blues and folk with a Celtic/traditional acoustic predilection, the band has drawn comparisons with folkies of choice Mumford and Sons. Indeed, McIvor’s tone was not dissimilar to that of Marcus Mumford, both possessing qualities which are perfect for the genre; addictive, introspective and positively calming.

I was impressed with all the tracks they played during their set at Night & Day, particularly ‘The Garden’ , which I have included a link to here. If you like Mumford and Sons and other folkies du jour, you’ll love this band.

You can’t beat an Irishman with a guitar, playing a folk melody and wearing a garment made of wool. Sometimes I think the genre was revived just for me!


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May 4, 2010 at 12:39 pm

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