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Noah and the Whale

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I have found not one, but two things I love this week: Noah and the Whale and their video to ‘Love of an Orchestra.’ I want to dance with the old guy and do jazz hands and step ball changes! What a brilliant uplifting song and there aren’t enough of these in my opinion.

Fingers crossed I will get to review the band’s show at Manchester Cathedral in July; the acoustics will be breathtaking I’m sure, a summer’s evening jaunt singing along to the lyrically emotive and musically dazzling delights of Charlie and the boys – perfick! (to quote fellow folk/country bumpkin Pop Larkin).

The band’s second album ‘The First Days of Spring’, released in the summer of 2009, is noticeably less upbeat and prone to step ballchange outbursts than debut album ‘Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down’, but both pieces of work are addictive and mesmerizing in equal measure. I suppose it depends what you class as upbeat; I personally like to get lost in sweeping romantic imagery and sentiments (my family visit Bronte Country bi-annually…), which others can find suffocating and just a little ‘touchy feely’. To them I say, slap your own face and get your ballet pumps on…this stuff is good!


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May 19, 2010 at 3:55 pm

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