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Fantasy adventures and dream-pop

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Today I got to thinking about my favourite Fantasy Adventure films growing up; the catalyst for these musings was my listening to Bat for Lashes brilliant second album ‘Two Suns’ (2009). I love her brand of dream-pop and electronica; you find yourself getting swept away with the eerie melodies and soaring stanzas and before you know it you’ve arrived at the foothills of Fantasia, ready to climb to its heights to name the Childlike Empress…which is the first of my chosen three feature films for fantasy fans; ‘The Never Ending Story’ (1985).

"Turn around, look at what you see....eeee, eeee, eeee, eeee!"

I remember many a happy day was spent watching this tale of hope, imagination and personal triumph; all I was interested in however, was whether I would get a ride on Falcore if I nipped to the school library, hid myself away under a stray sheet and kept reading long past the bell had tolled. I don’t care to mention the issue of Atreyu and his untimely demise; I think that was the first time, aged six, I really knew pain…

But back to the lady of the hour for a moment; Natasha Khan (Bat for Lashes) is as impressive a performer as she is lyricist, using her visual arts background to create a world of her own with whimsical characters, who would not be out of place in such fantasy adventures. I particularly like ‘The Big Sleep’, taken from her second album (You Tube link above). I was hooked from the outset with this track and had to play it a few times over as it feels too short in its wonderment.

My second film of choice is ‘Return to Oz’ (1985). Anyone who has read any of my previous live music reviews will know that I am a huge fan of the original film too, but this one is just as good but for quite different reasons. How terrifying were The Wheelers? I don’t think I slept for months after watching them chase Dorothy through the spooky ruins of the Emerald City…combine this with Atreyu and you might think that there had been a global plot to institutionally stupefy children through the medium of cinema!

Who could forget the Gump soaring over the Deadly Desert...and how did they all fit on?

I am also a big fan of Empire of the Sun for much the same musical reasons as Bat for Lashes. I find their sound and visual creativity very intriguing, particularly on debut album track ‘We are the People’ (2008). Let’s hope they get together and start recording again soon.

And so to my third and final choice of my favourite Fantasy Adventure films as a child; ‘The Blue Bird’ (1976). Now this was released before I was born, but it was a staple Sunday afternoon classic in my house. I don’t think I could remember exactly what the plot was or what the significance of some of the characters were, but it didn’t matter; it had me gripped to the television with the bright trippy colours and awful accents, it was the stuff of fairy tales and fancy.

Patsy Kensit and Elizabeth Taylor, what a combo!

Well, I hope I’ve rekindled a few memories here, but remember…don’t have nightmares!


Written by shelleyhanveywriter

May 21, 2010 at 4:27 pm

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