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Sun, soda bread and seals – Killarney trip

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The lakes and mountains of Killarney

Well, it’s another year and we’ve had another delightful trip to Killarney, Co Kerry in Ireland. I like to describe Killarney as the Lake District but ten times better, why?…it’s in Ireland of course!

My family and I have been taking an annual trip to Killarney for several years now and we never tire of the sights and sounds it has to offer. This year we stayed at the Castle Ross Penthouse which was lovely and swish; a penthouse apartment on the Ross Road, about a five-minute walk to the town centre (perfect for nightly outings with lots of Bulmers and Guinness).

Ross Castle, just down the road from our apartment

This year we visited various places including Slea Head, Dingle and Kenmare. I love Dingle; this is the peninsula to the far southwest of the country, the furthest point before you reach America.  To get there you have to navigate lots of narrow mountain roads and when you arrive you are greeted by a quaint little fishing village, full of colour and character. Some parts of the film ‘Far and Away’ were filmed here; I personally like to imagine I’m Nicole “Shannon” Kidman, standing on the cliffs edge and anticipating my new future in the Americas!

"You're a corker, Shannon. What a corker you are."

Dingle Marina

We also went on our traditional bike ride, starting at the Killarney National Park and travelling the 10km to Muckross House and Gardens, where we enjoyed a tasty lunchtime snack of soup, soda bread and salad. We always have a bet on what flavour the soup will be; Dad won again with Mushroom…he later confessed to having rang the restaurant to ask beforehand…we decided it best not to continue this line of questioning for fear of uncovering some sort of addiction.

Muckross House and Gardens...and scene of aforementioned soup sting

For my sister’s boyfriend’s birthday we decided to take a trip on the Seafari at Kenmare ( This was a two-hour sailing from Kenmare Harbour over to a seal colony, complete with complimentary teas, coffees and cookies. It was a breezy afternoon at sea but Captain Ross kept us entertained with his songs and banter. There was almost an unfortunate incident with Mum and a poncho, but luckily we managed to prevent said beheading just in the nick of time.

Of course there were the obligatory nightly visits to O’Donoghue’s Bar and The Danny Mann. We watched a great band at The Danny Mann called The Molly Maguires. We had seen these guys last year and really liked them, so made sure that we went back to sing the old classics such as ‘The Fields of Athenry’ , ‘The Irish Rover’ and ‘Dirty Old Town.’

Every time we’re due to come home we wish we could’ve stayed longer, such is the allure of the place and people. I’m already counting down the days till next year’s installment of Hanvey family fun.


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June 7, 2010 at 1:47 pm

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