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New releases I like: Frank Turner, Lauren Pritchard, Kylie and Gorillaz

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There are some great tracks waiting to be released in the next few weeks; here are just a few of my favourites:

Kylie Minogue, ‘All The Lovers’ (released this week)

I love the electro-pop beat to this; Kylie’s first single off her new album ‘Aphrodite.’ You can always rely on Kylie to deliver a catchy dance number ready for summer; I can’t wait to put one foot on the dance floor and start the grooves Keith Lemon-style to this one.

Lauren Pritchard, ‘Painkillers’ (released 19th July 2010)

Having first heard Lauren a few months ago with her debut release ‘When The Night Kills The Day’, I have since become quite the fan and Facebook follower. Lauren has this cool air about her, both personally and professionally and her relaxed persona comes across in her effortless, soulful vocals. I think she is also a great songwriter, displaying a depth of emotion and heart which I particularly appreciate in my music of choice. Can’t wait for her debut album ‘Wasted In Jackson’ which is due for release in September 2010.

Gorillaz, ‘On Melancholy Hill’ (released 26th July 2010)

I love this track. It’s so brilliant and simple and can relax you or uplift you in equal measure; I don’t think many songs have the ability to do both. I bet listening to this at Glastonbury this year was an unforgettable experience.

Frank Turner, ‘Try This At Home’ (released in August 2010, date tbc)

After my BBC-directed vent a couple of days ago, I now sheepishly emerge from behind the curtains to admit something; I did rather enjoy one particular part of the programme, that being when Zane Lowe introduced a live performance from Frank Turner. I’ll be the first to admit I had never heard of Frank prior to this, but I couldn’t get enough of his passionate and fury-filled performance to new single ‘Try This At Home.’ What an amazing lyricist! I think the mark of real brilliance in this area is when a songwriter can take the most simple and often over-familiar concept (that being, in this case, a view which many music fans subscribe to – rock stars sometimes need to just shut up, stop thinking they’re superior to the rest of us and their peers and just write great music), yet make it sound new and fresh, like you’ve never heard such subjects discussed before. I have great respect for people who can put a different slant on a concept or phrase things differently and you think; ‘how did he/she come up with that?’ or ‘what made them think of using that word?’. I’m sad like that…


Written by shelleyhanveywriter

June 30, 2010 at 5:11 pm

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