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New releases by One Night Only, Ellie Goulding and Frazey Ford

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‘Say You Don’t Want It’  by One Night Only  (released August 16th, 2010)

British indie rock band One Night Only release the follow-up album to their 2008 top 10 debut ‘Started a Fire’ next month (August 28th, 2010). The self-titled record features first single ‘Say You Don’t Want It’, accompanied by a tender waggy-dog tale of love between lead singer George Craig and Emma Watson. The beautiful Burberry-clad twosome cut a fine figure whilst dashing around the metropolis; all the while appearing to be mysteriously uneasy yet happy in each others company…all is revealed at the end so I won’t spoil it for you.

I really like Craig’s vocals on this track and for such a young singer, he does possess a certain matured quality to his tone. Listening to a couple of the tracks off the new album, namely ‘All I Want’ and ‘Got It All Wrong’, I sense a definite leaning or experimentation towards an electronic/synth sound to the second album. I think this band wouldn’t have looked out of place in the electric, high-gloss  ’80s, which is no bad thing in my opinion.

I did keep expecting Ron Weasley to appear in the background; complete with glum expression and giving Craig the evil eye every time he invaded Watson’s personal space. Now that would have been a plot twist; he was probably too busy jaunting round the country in his ice cream van to take part though. Looking forward to hearing more from this band in the coming months.

‘The Writer’ by Ellie Goulding (released August 9th, 2010)

I am a big fan of Ellie as I have stated before and this is probably in the top three of my favourite tracks from her debut album ‘Lights.’ Every song has a lyric that I think you could relate to and having seen her perform live; I especially like the way she changes the tracks each time she performs them, to keep them fresh and to show off her range and musicality. The video to this single is delightful in itself, but I have chosen to include one which I found on YouTube on this occasion. You can’t beat a Disney film with an Ellie soundtrack; maybe that should be next on her agenda! 

‘Firecracker’ by Frazey Ford (out now on iTunes)

Frazey Ford performed for ten years as part of the Vancouver folk/roots trio ‘The Be Good Tanyas.’ Her debut solo album ‘Obadiah’ will be released on July 20th, 2010 and I think it is well worth a listen. Relaxing and intriguing in equal measure, Ford captivates with her Canadian- smooth lilt and velvet-tinged electric strings; a perfect album to spend a leisurely afternoon grazing away to; after all, cows like to relax too!


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July 14, 2010 at 3:37 pm

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