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Captivating young folk talent, Misty Miller

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I love making new music discoveries, especially if that discovery takes the form of an emerging young British folk singer. The dream is to see the genre continue to produce fresh and exciting talent from our own shores, following the examples set by Johnny Flynn, Laura Marling and Noah and the Whale, to name but a few.

I have made such a discovery today, in the captivating form of Misty Miller; a 16-year old folk singer from Wimbledon. The ukulele is Miller’s instrument of choice and the songs and the sounds that she creates are nothing short of mesmerising. With a breathy lull of a vocal tone beyond her years, Miller has been causing something of a stir in both musical and fashion circles; with Chief Creative Officer of luxury brand Burberry, Christopher Bailey,  personally choosing to collaborate with the young singer on new project, Burberry Acoustic.

Speaking about the project, Bailey explained that:

We have collaborated on so many projects with new and young emerging British  bands over the years. We felt that with the great interaction that we have experienced with our social media Web site, artofthetrench, that we could collaborate with musicians and artists to put together an incredible group of ongoing acoustic sessions from some of the finest talent coming out of the U.K. and bring them to the broad global Burberry audience.

The result; a beautiful outdoor performance of her track ‘Remember’, which provides a breath of fresh air, in both its location and lasting impression. The track documents a loving relationship over the period of a year, culminating in an implicitly painful break-up in March. This track is quite addictive; like Laura Marling, Miller delivers a moody and measured performance, from which it is near impossible to divert your eyes. I also really like ‘Wild Thing’ which doesn’t appear on her upcoming debut EP ‘Remember’ (released September 27th, 2010). Miller’s brother produced the haunting and quirky video, which speaks about a mental struggle with inner demons and the narrator’s quest to chase them away through the power of her own mind. I think the video for this track is brilliant and gives a perfect taste of Miller’s character and future songwriting/career direction.

The EP features the following tracks: ‘Remember’, ‘Home’, Evergreen Love’ and ‘Vampire.’ I sense a dark and ethereal side to Miller, reminiscent of Marling’s inspiration for the music video to her track , ‘Night Terror’, I look forward to more of the same. With her evident skills as a lyricist and musician,  and alluring demeanour, I see a very bright future for the dreamily named Misty Miller.


Written by shelleyhanveywriter

September 15, 2010 at 3:32 pm

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