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Ethereal sounds of Erica Buettner and moodful melodies of Mike Cavanaugh

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I thought I would share two new discoveries with you this week; the ethereal sounds of Erica Buettner and the moodful melodies of Mike Cavanaugh.

Both singer-songwriters hail from the Northeast of the US; however Buettner now resides in that whimsical and wonderful metropolis that is Paris, France, whilst Cavanaugh is currently based in Boston. Location-aside; both do possess creative and artistic similarities, in their shared love of romantic lyrical imagery and sweeping sentiments. This is like candy to the proverbial baby for me.

Buettner moved to Paris in order to study French and Literature; can it get any more idyllic? According to her MySpace profile (, her music can be heard softly playing ‘in french bookshops and parisian clubs‘…it’s the stuff of dreams really, isn’t it. I really like the continental-sounding opening of ‘Time Traveling’ and the fable-inspired ode to love and life that is ‘True Love and Water’ . I can just picture myself back in that dimly-lit cafe on the Champs-Elysees, sipping on my scorching hot chocolate (still the nicest one I have ever had, to date) and counting out our pennies to see whether we could stretch to two main meals that night…ah young love, it’d be sweet if I hadn’t lost at least a stone in a week…

There aren’t many video clips of Buettner on YouTube or the likes; best to take a look at her MySpace profile for up-to-date tracks and live performances.

Cavanaugh cites his influences as Ray LaMontagne, Damien Rice and The Swell Season and you can certainly hear elements of each within his music. Possessing a similarly low-key and gravelly tone as Rice; Cavanaugh sounds pitch perfect on tracks such as ‘What You’re Doing to Me’ and ‘Don’t Ask Me.’ With just an acoustic guitar for company, this musician leaves his peers in  the shade with his complex yet complementary mix of moody blues and breezy beats. ‘Hold On’ has a James Blunt sound to it; perhaps unsurprisingly so, as Cavanaugh is quite the fan of the British wordsmith.
I wish we got to see more of the, undoubtedly numerous, promising singer-songwriters from beyond our shores, but alas, unless they’re spotted in the right place and at the right time they’re probably destined to remain that little bit out of reach, for now.


Written by shelleyhanveywriter

September 23, 2010 at 5:23 pm

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