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Britney’s new single ‘Hold It Against Me’ set to smash sales records worldwide

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This was the week that saw pop’s princess and pioneer, Britney Spears, return to our radio waves with a track that is already on course to smash sales and downloads records worldwide.  ‘Hold It Against Me‘, produced by long-time Britney collaborators Max Martin and Dr. Luke, is an electronic dance lovers’ dream, complete with thrashing bass line and thunderous drums and of course the obligatory sultry lyrical delivery. The track debuted at No 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles chart, selling 411,000 digital singles in the U.S. within just one week of its release on iTunes. This is the biggest first week track number for a female artist, the record previously being held by Taylor Swift.

The single also debuted at No 1 in nineteen other countries including Australia, Belgium, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, France, Ireland and more. Such was the level of media and fan demand;  the single was also released in the UK this week, just as the much-anticipated Britney GLEE episode aired on our screens.

Just like people say that you should never meet your idol; I have always veered away from writing a great deal about Britney as I know that the piece would take a bit of time in order to do it justice, but I think that the time has finally arrived. I too have once again got caught up in the level of hysteria that only a Britney ‘comeback’ can provoke and therefore I am currently writing a piece in anticipation of the sure to be light-headed and frivolous joyfest that will be her next album release in March 2011. Cue much skipping and gleeful abandon as I head to my nearest musical purchase point to see what the delightful Miss Spears has in store for me this time. I am currently contacting various interesting and intriguing individuals of the wider Spears circle for contributions, so should hopefully have some tasty anecdotes for you very soon.

Until then, I must retire to begin the researching process and will be back very soon but hey…don’t hold it against me! 🙂


Written by shelleyhanveywriter

January 21, 2011 at 1:33 pm

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