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New tracks I like from: Sea of Bees, Hurts, Katy Perry and Ladytron

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It’s somewhat of a pop-fest this week with my favourite chosen tracks; perhaps I’m still high on the sweet fumes of The Brits and Grammys. Saying that, I have to admit that I very much enjoyed the latter more than the former this year; I just don’t enjoy watching a man perform whilst covered in fake blood and surrounded by even faker scenes of violence and Police brutality…call me old-fashioned! I always prefer the more diverse and often slightly bizarre events that unfold stateside at the annual ceremony, organised by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. I’m honestly not intending to be unpatriotic here and I am very much in support of British musical talent, I just didn’t think that this year, apart from a few notable exceptions (Adele‘s performance, Laura Marling‘s win) was as memorable as others.

Moving on however; the first of my chosen four tracks this week, is Sea of Bees, ‘Wizbot.’ Julie Ann Baenziger (or Sea of Bees) released her debut album this month, entitled ‘Songs for the Ravens‘ on Heavenly Recordings. Even the name evokes a feeling of mystery and otherworldliness, which combined with Baenziger’s spine-tingling and at times awkwardly eerie vocals, is a surefire recipe for indie chart success. I find this artist very mesmerizing; I found it very difficult to take my eyes away from the screen whilst watching the video for this track, every contortion and expression seemed to send a million mixed messages. I think she would be fascinating to watch live, so I hope to see some dates released soon.

I have been a big fan of Hurts since their first single and subsequent debut album ‘Happiness, so the recent release of album trackSundaywas of great delight to me; not least because it also happens to be my favourite from the record. Closely followed byStayI have to add; to be fair though, I can’t really fault any of the tracks from this band to date. This song is classic ’80s electropop for those of us who missed it the first time round and I for one, am eternally grateful for the re-run. 

Now, I have a confession to make…I haven’t always been a huge fan of Katy Perry‘s music. I found ‘I Kissed A Girl‘ rather obvious and just trying that little bit too hard, consequently, also trying my patience; however, with the release of her second album ‘Teenage Dream‘ my opinion completely changed. I love this album and never tire of singing along to each sun-drenched and sassy single or potential; Max Martin and Dr Luke working their producing magic yet again on this one. Every track could be a chart-topping contender and I don’t think we’ve heard the best this has to offer yet. ‘E.T’ is every bit as hypnotising and magnetising as the lyrics convey and I expect to see a trademark seductive screen offering courtesy of Perry when this track is released shortly.

Ladytron are much admired and imitated by our electro-loving musical friends in the U.S; often cited as a major influence to the work of, amongst others, Christina Aguilera and Nine Inch Nails. ‘Ace of Hz‘ is taken from their upcoming album ‘Ladytron 00 – 10‘ and showcases precisely what they do best. A great introduction to the synthpop quartet for anyone who enjoys more than a dash of psychedelia sprinkled atop their electropop.  

That’s all for now 🙂


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