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The stuff of dreams; Lisa Hannigan and Richard Hawley live

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Lisa Hannigan; performing in a church, in Dingle, County Kerry. To me, this is merely the stuff of dreams; to our western Irish friends this is quite the reality, as acclaimed live music show ‘Other Voices’ continues to achieve great things on RTE Television…if only the channel could be included somewhere on the seemingly endless array of Sky TV packages. I’d gladly trade it for Sky Atlantic.

Both Hannigan and Dingle have a special place in my shamrock-shaped heart, so to stumble across this Christmastime recording this morning was a pure delight. I am also a great admirer of the captivating Richard Hawley and you will see why when you watch the two clips below. Never was there a more apt track for him to perform than ‘Hushabye Mountain‘; you will no doubt recall the song best from the children’s classic feature film ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’, were it was performed rather poignantly by the equally wonderful Dick Van Dyke. I’ve always loved the song and used to sing it to my sister when she was little, though I had to fluff a few of the lyrics because I was around ten at the time and couldn’t remember them all. It has such fairytale connotations and literally lulls you to sleep; in a good way!

The previous blog piece I wrote was about another of my favourite songs, ‘Moon River‘, which Hannigan and Hawley perform here just magically…if I’m able to pre-book, I’d like to request a live rendition of this very performance at the pearly gates when my time on this mortal plane is completed. Hopefully this is in many, many years to come as I actually have a couple of years on Hannigan and wouldn’t wish any harm to come to one hair on her beautiful Irish head.

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Written by shelleyhanveywriter

March 29, 2011 at 11:18 am

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