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Jonsi and Lykke Li; the aurora borealis isn’t the only bright light on the northern horizon

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The aurora borealis (or the northern lights) is a natural light display in the sky, which occurs when energetic charged particles collide with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere of the northern latitudes. Iceland and Sweden offer several particularly stunning vantage points to see this phenomenon, but this isn’t the only glaringly bright light on the northern horizon…introducing Jonsi and Lykke Li.

Jonsi is a Icelandic singer-songwriter, most famous for his work with post-rock band, Sigur Ros. Taking the lead on vocals and guitar, Jonsi’s was the falsetto tone that typified the band’s sound and direction; not surprising therefore that he has taken with him many of the followers he has amassed since the band’s emergence on to the scene in 1992. You may be familiar with the track  above, ‘Around Us‘, which is taken from Jonsi’s debut solo album, ‘Go‘ (released in  the UK on April 5th, 2010).

Jonsi’s music does not enable a straightforward categorisation; it encompasses ambient, baroque pop, world fusion and post-rock, all the while delivering striking and evocative lyrical imagery that jumps off the page and in to your senses. Another one of my favourite tracks off the album would be ‘Animal Arithmetic‘; a more frenetic, fast-paced sound than many on the album, this track carries the listener off a dream-like journey across glacial pools, through dazzling lights and frozen landscapes. Definitely one for the repeat button.

Boy Lilikoi‘ is another track from the album which would slot perfectly and succinctly on to the soundtrack of any big-budget celluloid fantasy adventure and that it just might; Jonsi has recently written and performed the track ‘Sticks and Stones’ , for inclusion in a hugely popular DreamWorks cinematic animation.  ‘Boy Lilikoi‘ is uplifting, powerful and enchanting; the same can certainly be said of the album in its entirety.


Lykke Li is a Swedish singer-songwriter, currently enjoying huge success in America after several critically acclaimed live tv appearances. Fusing indie rock with electronica, Li manages to straddle several genres, committing to none,  with her intoxicating blend of raspy soul tones and sultry, yet strong feminist statements.

Love Out of Lust‘ is one of my favourite tracks from Li’s new album ‘Wounded Rhymes‘ (released in the UK on February 28th, 2011). The slow drum build-up to the astral chorus does just what it intended here – captivates and hooks the listener, leading them in to that trance-like state before sleep and awakening, between knowing and nothing. I also like the sentiment of romantic possibility about this track; love, too often rarely emerging from pure and carnal lust.

Continuing the strong, sexual theme, ‘Get Some’ was the first track to be released as a single from the album. The track features on a lingerie advert, which is slightly ironic, yet still manages to make sense. I love the addictiveness of this track, aided in no small part by those same heavy drums which form the main instrumentation throughout.

The latest single to be released from the album is ‘Rich Kid Blues.‘ A good example of the diversity shown on the record as a whole, this track leans towards a more indie-rock sound, with a few flecks of blues notes in there for good measure.  This track has been getting a lot of airplay at the moment, so you may be familiar, if not why not?! Definitely a sound for the – as yet non-existent –  summer of 2011.



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July 20, 2011 at 4:38 pm

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