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James Vincent McMorrow @jamesvmcmorrow – the cause of my temporary blindness.

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James Vincent McMorrow is an Irish folk singer-songwriter, whose voice I am currently enjoying somewhat of a love affair with. My romantic dalliance was struck up one night last week, on an otherwise perfectly average weekday evening; what wasn’t average however, was the voice streaming out from my television which had put my senses in to a positive spin. I couldn’t even tell you what the advertisement was for, such was the thrall of the track which had resulted in my temporary blindness.

The voice; James Vincent McMorrow. The track; ‘Higher Love.’


Pleasantly wooed, I vowed to learn more about this mysterious stranger and have to concede that I am yet to be disappointed by man or music. McMorrow released his debut album, ‘Early in the Morning’ in February, 2010 to critical acclaim in his native Ireland. His official website describes the record as “…a completely self recorded and played affair, filled with beguiling and vivid stories, fables that move from a whisper in your ear to a mountainous crescendo in the space of a song.” Unsurprising therefore, that several of the tracks have already been picked up to feature on various high gloss American teen dramas – they do love a suitably striking track to accompany their dark and destructive passions.

McMorrow has spoken about his rather fragmented approach to songwriting; he has a first line in his head and a vague sense of the end point or conclusion, but prefers the body of the song to be predominantly about the melody. Listening to tracks such as ‘If I Had a Boat’ and ‘We Don’t Eat’, it would certainly be difficult to define the absolute meaning of the lyrics and I think that this was very much McMorrow’s intention, he has since said:

When I write lyrics they come together in a pretty uncoordinated way, lines get written, slowly link up until a story reveals itself. It was only when I was finished that I looked back and saw the words for what they were, realized what they meant.

The beauty of lyrics for me, is their ability to evoke different responses in every listener: to bring comfort and peace to one, whilst stirring buried and unresolved feelings in another.



‘Early in the Morning’ has just been included in NPR Music ‘s ’50 Best Albums of 2011′ list. Listening to the album in full, it becomes clear that we shall be seeing and hearing a great deal more from James Vincent McMorrow in 2012. /

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  1. Awesome post! I will keep an on eye on your blog.

    Angelique Facundo

    December 10, 2011 at 8:47 am

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