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Conscious submission; And the communication I have got to make is, that they have great expectations

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“Now, I return to this young fellow. And the communication I have got to make is, that he has great expectations.”

Today (February 7th, 2012) is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens. Dickens ranks third in my personal list of all-time favourite writers, with Shakespeare given top billing and Oscar Wilde a close second. Third is not too shabby a ranking in my book; the principal reason for which would be the wondrous and enchanting, Great Expectations. The opening segment of David Lean’s 1946 adaptation of Dickens’s tale of love and loss against the classes and the odds, struck a chord with me from a young age; never judge on first impressions, a small, seemingly insignificant act could mean everything to someone else and perhaps the most important lesson – you can and will love someone at some stage in your life, despite the obstacles, despite your differences and certainly in spite of them. I considered Estella to be beautiful and intriguing, everything that Miss Havisham had trained and wished for her to be, but above all of that, she introduced me to the notion of conscious submission. Estella allowed herself to be emotionally controlled by Miss Havisham, she was certainly conditioned to these ends from a young age, but with the conscious knowledge of this conditioning came her real power. First appearing as a mere puppet for her adoptive guardian’s bitter rantings, Estella gradually assumes enough power to affect and drastically alter the life course of each of the main – and male – protagonists. For me, Estella is English Literature’s greatest feminine superhero.

But I digress, back to music.


Tribes are a four-piece indie-rock band from Camden, who released their debut album ‘Baby’ on January 16th, 2012.  They have been receiving a great deal of radio airplay in recent weeks, with Fearne Cotton citing their new album as one of her current favourites. ‘When My Day Comes’ is one of my favourite tracks from the record and I expect to be seeing a lot of this band around the festival circuit.


Dry the River release their debut album ‘Shallow Bed’ on March 5th, 2012 and the next single to be taken from the record is ‘The Chambers & The Valves.’  I really like this band and was disappointed not to see them rank higher on the BBC’s Sound of 2012 poll. Their music videos are every bit as captivating as their vocal harmonies and the band successfully combine folk and post-punk in such a way as to render the individual genres somewhat lacking.


Active Child is the stage name of electronic and dream-pop artist, Pat Grossi. His new album ‘You Are All I See’ was released in November, 2011 and the next single is set to be ‘Diamond Heart.’ ‘Hanging On’ is one of my favourite tracks from the record and could be described as a cleansing ritual for the senses. There’s a reason they call it dream-pop and this is certainly the stuff of dreams.


Benjamin Francis Leftwich is a singer-songwriter from York, UK who released his debut album ‘Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm’ in July, 2011.  ‘Box of Stones’ is my favourite track from the record, but the next single is set to be ‘Pictures.’ Leftwich has one of the best voices that I’ve heard in the past year, alongside only James Vincent McMorrow. / / /

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Written by shelleyhanveywriter

February 7, 2012 at 2:56 pm

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