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Musical mayhem in menacingly marvellous @MiikeSnow style

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It would be fair to say that I am more than a little excited for the release of Miike Snow ‘s second album, ‘Happy To You.’ The record is released in the UK next Monday (March 19th, 2012) and I’ve loved every track I’ve heard so far. The latest video release comes in the form of new single ‘The Wave.’ The video follows on from the delightfully disturbing events of ‘Paddling Out.’ After being abducted and experimented upon in a bizarre task to create a perfect human named Jean Noel, several unfortunate youths come crashing down to dusty earth in a spaceship…with seemingly only one survivor. Much musical mayhem ensues in menacingly marvellous Miike Snow style. Both videos were directed by Andreas Nilsson, who has also worked with MGMT and Fever Ray.


Miike Snow has always placed great emphasis on the power of visuals, therefore it’s no great surprise that their music videos are always rather brilliant and thought-provoking. ‘Burial’ is one of my favourite tracks from their debut album and I’ve had this as my ringtone since 2009, such is my love and dedication! It was the first track I heard from the band and the video captivated me from the first few seconds. India has always been a dream holiday destination of mine. I’d love to take a good few weeks out and to travel to as many places as I could fit in, taking in the sights and sounds and colours. Till then, I have ‘Burial.’ /

shelleyhanveywriter 🙂



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March 16, 2012 at 5:56 pm

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