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Prepare to be truly drowned in sound and sentiment by Christina Perri @christinaperri

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ALBUM REVIEW: ‘lovestrong.’ by Christina Perri.

Christina Perri is a pop/soft rock singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, with the lyrical ability to summon your innermost fears and emotions, leaving you feeling exposed and vulnerable to the elements. If you also happen to be of the Cancerian persuasion, prepare to be most truly drowned in sound and sentiment…’A Cancerian’s strongest traits include being emotional and loving, intuitive and imaginative.’

Perri’s track ‘Jar of Hearts’, was an unexpected, runaway success in the US after some notable primetime television exposure. On the strength of this track alone, Perri signed a major record deal with Atlantic Records and set about recording her debut album, ‘lovestrong.’ The album was released in the US in May 2011 and in the UK on September 19th, 2011 and was the UK’s thirteenth biggest selling debut album of 2011. Perri has said that the 11 tracks featured on the record were all inspired by real-life relationships which she has experienced. She has likened the recording process to ripping apart stitches; re-familiarising herself with the pain associated with a particular break-up or hurtful experience, in order to connect once again with the lyrics and to accurately convey the emotions she endured at that time. It is this tender insight in to the complexities of the human heart that makes Perri such a powerful songwriter, with the ability to reflect on a perfectly relatable occurance and express it in a profound and piercing fashion. I always find it slightly strange and a little unsettling when I hear people remark that “…I hate all that depressing, soppy stuff“, perhaps with reference to the material of Damien Rice or even Perri herself. I can’t imagine ever listening to a piece of music (of any genre) and not trying to identify with the lyrics or not being moved in some way by the instrumentation. Most of my favourite tracks and artists have a tendency to air on the side of glum and I fully embrace their position…’A Cancerian’s guilty pleasure might include being changeable and moody, overemotional and touchy.


‘Distance’ has been announced this week as the next single to be released from the album. The track will feature guest vocalist and close friend of Perri’s, Jason Mraz. This is one of my favourite tracks from the record, going back to my earlier point of Perri’s ability to vocalise a completely straightforward and basic human need (the need to love and be loved), yet which, in certain scenarios and with certain people, can seem completely impossible. I’m also rather fond of ‘Bluebird’, ‘Arms’, and ‘Miles’ for similar reasons.



‘lovestrong.’ is at times a heavy body of work to bear, but with this great weight, comes its great strength. The album is compelling, heartbreaking, reflective and empowering; something for those of us with a distinctly softer side, be that visible or closeted…‘A Cancerian thinks from his/her heart and is very sentimental. Emotions mean everything to them and they can connect and reciprocate to the feelings of others effortlessly. Their motto is “I feel…”

Track listing: ‘Bluebird’ / ‘Arms’ / ‘Bang Bang Bang’ / ‘Distance’ / ‘Jar of Hearts’ / ‘Mine’ / Interlude / ‘Penguin’ / ‘Miles’ / ‘The Lonely’ / ‘Sad Song’ / ‘Tragedy’

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