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Abstract art for the ears; the immensely emotive and cinematic work of White Blush @carolrhyu

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I’ve been listening to the work of a hotly-tipped new artist from Los Angeles this week: White Blush.

White Blush is the work of artist Carol Rhyu and producer John Ho. Rhyu’s sound is classic ambient-pop, yet also incorporates and indeed induces trance-like qualities. If you like Beach House and Cibo Matto, you’re more than a little likely to love this artist.

Rhyu, ‘became curious about creating haunting boy choirs over fuzzy synths and drums’, and that curiousity certainly appears to be leading her down her pre-destined path. She is currently working on releasing an EP this year, with the debut single and B-sides already available for free download at White Blush has also just been nominated for LA Deli Magazine’s Artist of the Month Poll.


Ambient-pop is one of my favourite styles of music, it is immensely emotive, cinematic and thought-provoking; qualities I look for generally in life, not just with music. I would class this genre of music as abstract art for the ears; every listener will have a different interpretation of the meaning and inspiration behind the track, with the lyrics tending not to offer any clues or insights. Abstract art depicts a departure from reality and this sums up ambient-pop perfectly.

I look forward to hearing more from White Blush in the coming months and hope to see Rhyu in the UK sometime soon. /

shelleyhanveywriter 🙂


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June 25, 2012 at 2:33 pm

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