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DIIV and Exitmusic produce albums full of melodic mixtures which are heavier, more textured and ultimately tastier

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I have two album recommendations this week, both from bands which hail from New York City: DIIV and Exitmusic.

DIIV, formerly known as Dive, is a four-piece indie rock band which formed in 2011. DIIV was the solo side-project of Zachary Cole Smith (guitarist in Beach Fossils) and this week saw the release of their debut album, ‘Oshin’ (June 26th, 2012). The band took its name from the fact that all the members are water signs…this could explain their particular draw for me, if the classic guitar-driven indie rock wasn’t reason enough that is. I must say however, that to pigeon hole this band would be entirely foolish; ‘Oshin’ also manages to fold together elements of dream pop and shoegaze to produce a melodic mixture which is heavier, more textured and ultimately, tastier.


Exit Music are Aleksa Palladino (vocals), Devon Church (guitar, keyboards), Dru Prentiss (drums) and Nicholas Shelestak (electronics). Palladino and Church form the core of this indie electronic band, who released their debut album ‘Passage’ on May 21st, 2012. You wouldn’t be mistaken for thinking that you recognise Palladino; an actress since she was 14, she has enjoyed a thriving career to date, most recently starring in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire, in which she plays Angela Darmody. Palladino is also the daughter of a New York opera singer, this will come as no surprise when you hear her incredible, haunting vocals. If you like Sigur Ros, this band will be something rather exciting for you to hear.


Keep the good stuff coming, New York! /

shelleyhanveywriter 🙂


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June 26, 2012 at 5:11 pm

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