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My favourite Irish females: B*Witched, The Corrs, Lisa Hannigan and The Cranberries

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I’ve took a liking of late to all things retro and reminiscent of the ’90s. I don’t know what has caused this sudden penchant for times gone by or how long my fixation will remain, so I guess I’d better enjoy it while it lasts. One possible cause could be ITV2‘s new show, The Big Reunion.

The weekly reality drama focuses on six previously chart-topping groups from the UK: Atomic Kitten, B*Witched, 5IVE, Liberty X, 911 and The Honeyz. The show has brought the groups together and charts their rise to fame and everything that came afterwards. – cue many tears, revelations and recriminations. The show has one main draw for me; my reawakened love for my favourite Irish girl group, B*Witched. The realisation that I was still carrying feelings for the fabulous foursome got me to thinking of my favourite Irish female performers in general.


‘To You I Belong’ has got to be my favourite track from B*Witched ‘s back catalogue. It was the third single and number one from their debut self-titled album (1998). I can’t decide what I love most about the video; Edele’s finger cymbals, the wintry forest setting or the faux fur coat sleeves. I could not get enough of the double denim that was being rocked in this band, so much so that I styled myself on the Lynch sisters. My family originate from County Down in Northern Ireland and I’ve always wanted to be 100% Irish. I want the accent, I want the green eyes, I want the shiny glossy hair and I want the farm, or at least easy access to one where I can stroke lambs and feed piglets. Strictly for fun, not food. But I digress; The Big Reunion has pleasingly reminded me of the great tracks that B*Witched actually released (‘Blame It On The Weatherman’, ‘Rollercoaster’, not forgetting ‘C’est La Vie’). They had it all and I am enjoying seeing them again every week. I simply must find out the Lynch sisters’ beauty secrets…and ask them if I can be their new BFF whilst I’m at it.


The Corrs were another of my favourite bands of the ’90s. The sibling four-piece were so beautiful it was ridiculous and they pretty much ruled the airwaves from 1997 to 2003. ‘What Can I Do’ is my favourite Corrs track, but to be fair there are many close contenders. I remember buying my first leather-look studded brown wide belt and pairing it with a gypsy style black dress, just trying to emulate the look of Andrea. I thought if I managed that, I too might attract the interest of most of the male popstars of the era. Sadly, Robbie Williams never made it to Widnes, so my plan was scuppered.


Lisa Hannigan is my favourite Irish folk singer-songwriter and I have watched her perform live several times, she never disappoints. ‘Ocean And A Rock’ is my favourite Hannigan track, taken from her critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Sea Sew’ (2008). Hannigan previously sang as part of Damien Rice‘s ensemble, but her brilliance could not be contained and she broke free in 2007. She has since gone on to release two albums, crack America and be nominated for a Mercury Prize. And she wears lovely vintage dresses and has the sleek, glossy hair I previously mentioned.


The Cranberries, headed up by Dolores O’Riordan would be in my top three Irish bands, alongside The Corrs and U2. ‘Linger’ is my favourite Cranberries track. Pan back to 1993 and me sat in my bedroom, aged 13, listening to ‘Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?’, probably thinking about my first love who I’d recently met on a Confirmation weekend trip to Upholland in Lancashire. I’m not sure that the focus of said Confirmation weekend was meant to be the amazingly handsome boy who had recently moved to the UK from France, but nevertheless there I was in my camel faux suede coat, sat on a bunk bed, prayer book in hand, professing my love at first sight for Peter Cantwell. Peter, if you’re still out there (doubtful; I’m sure that everyone was accounted for on the minibus home), thank you. Thanks for the memories and for introducing me to the wonderful, and at times horrendous concept of love.

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