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Britney is the treble baby/Will.I.Am’s the bass; The Voice UK judge confirmed for Britney’s next album

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In my capacity as top Britney fan of the Western Hemisphere (self-awarded), I am rather gleeful this week as the rumours have finally been confirmed; The Voice UK judge and all round king of the quirks Will.I.Am , will executive produce Britney‘s forthcoming eighth studio album.

My favourite track from Britney’s last album, Femme Fatale (2011), was the Will.I.Am penned homage to old-school house music, ‘Big Fat Bass’. Spears’ vocals are heavily processed on the track, as she states “I can be the treble, baby/You can be the bass” and Will.I.Am infuses keys with – unsurprisingly, given the title – a killer bassline that is addiction personified. I couldn’t get enough of this track on the first listen and it is still the first that I flick to when listening to the record. ‘Big Fat Bass’ gave us a taster of what was possible when these two artists collaborate; if this was the amuse-bouche, then ‘Scream & Shout’ was definitely the appetiser and a veritable plethora of delights await us for the main course with this next album.


This is the news that most Britney fans have been waiting for, as we have long been of the opinion that high-energy electropop and dance is the direction that Britney should continue to follow, after the brilliance that was 2007’s Blackout (‘Gimme More’, ‘Piece of Me’, ‘Radar’). Will.I.Am hopes that the forthcoming album will reflect who Spears is as a person rather than
an artist:

We need to talk about what she’s excited about in life. I gotta talk about the things that hurt her. I gotta talk about the things that make her concerned – she’s a mother. I gotta talk to her about all the things that her fans want to talk to her about…

I like this approach. My favourite Britney track, ‘Everytime’, gives the listener an insight in to Spears’ narrative voice and stream of consciousness and makes a seemingly untouchable celebrity entity, endearingly relatable. The track packs more of a punch because of the insinuation that it is rooted in the deep, painful truth of a real-life break up…and we can all relate to that! One of the most powerful live performances of the track that I’ve seen was during Britney’s 2004 Onyx Hotel Tour, where she spoke to the audience beforehand about the meaning behind the lyrics and expressed how difficult that part of her life had been. I think it was in that moment that I began to see Spears not as the world-famous star that she is, but as a normal girl who wasn’t afraid to be vulnerable in front of thousands of people and who wears her heart very much on her album sleeve.

I’d love to experience more of those moments and hope that this forthcoming album will provide just such an opportunity. /

shelleyhanveywriter 🙂


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May 3, 2013 at 2:24 pm

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