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Doused in autumnal colours and feeling quite wonderful; Agnes Obel’s ‘Aventine’

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It’s been a while,
I know I shouldn’t have kept you waiting,
But I’m here now…

Sorry, this introduction will be lost on all the non-Britney fans out there. I am using her splendid first few lines of Blackout album track ‘Break The Ice’ to acknowledge my short break from my bloggerly duties, as I have been holidaying, studying and becoming better acquainted with parrots (there was a bar, there was a cocktail and there was an undisclosed incontinency issue). Never the less, we made friends and I now consider myself to be a fully fledged friend of the macaw. I even got a “twit-twoooo!” as I left the favoured drinking haunt of my new feathered pal.

I digress.

I was excited to hear the newly released second album, ‘Aventine’, (September 30th, 2013)  from Danish folk singer-songwriter, Agnes Obel, this week.

I first became aware of Obel after hearing one of her songs on Revenge; my favourite new tv show of recent years. Obel’s track, ‘Riverside’ was perfect for the episode in question: chilling, full of suspense and rich with emotion. Roll on January 2014 when Emily/Amanda returns to E4 and my questionable crush on Nolan can reach new heights.

My favourite tracks from the new album include ‘Dorian’ and ‘Fuel To Fire’.


Obel will be playing the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) in Manchester next year (April 17th, 2014), which will definitely be a must-see show. Obel’s captivating and calming tones will complement the illustrious yet cosy backdrop of this great venue. Obel’s stage demeanour might be unassuming, but her music holds such presence as it completely transports you to another place – in the case of ‘Aventine’, this place is doused in autumnal colours and feels quite wonderful.

shelleyhanveywriter 🙂


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