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Bad boys and tortured souls

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In various ways and at different times, I’ve felt a lack of love over the past few years. It is my belief that this began when someone really influential and significant left my life.

That person was Damien Rice.

It was 2004 and I had been introduced to the wonder that is Rice’s debut album, ‘O‘. It’s fair to say that it was infatuation at first listen and so began my emotionally fulfilling, yet completely one-sided love affair with one of the great Irish poets and performers of our time. We went on to laugh, cry and share such special moments in each other’s company. He brought my favourite female singer-songwriter, Lisa Hannigan, in to my life and accompanied me to a gig that I will never forget. He provided the soundtrack to one of my favourite films, Closer, and in my young and hopeful naivety I truly believed that nothing would ever change.

And then he left.

Not a word for 8 years. I heard a rumour of overgrown beards, mountainside retreats in Tibet and a possible loss of muse, but after a series of disheartening social media searches, I reluctantly realised that I had to move on and I really thought I had. Of course there were the six-monthly rumination periods were I would just sit and wonder how things fell apart, but on the whole I was doing ok.

Then something happened…


Rice surprised everyone this week by announcing the release of his third studio album, ‘My Favourite Faded Fantasy’ (Ireland – October 31st, 2014, UK & EU – November 3rd, 2014, Australia and NZ – November 7th, 2014) and providing a teaser video of the track. Online hype is huge, as is to be expected for an artist whose debut album went 10x Platinum in his native country. I think it would be no exaggeration to state that this is surely the most anticipated album of 2014.

To quote Loz herself…”I feel like I’ve been trying to cover this up – I still love him. I try to convince myself that I’m over him, but I’m not”.

I feel your pain Loz – your armed robber bad boy is my tortured soul Irish crooner.

shelleyhanveywriter 🙂



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September 10, 2014 at 1:53 pm

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