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No need for a pommel horse; tracks from Purity Ring, Labyrinth Ear, Queen of Hearts, Mikky Ekko and Mumford fly through the air with the greatest of ease…

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Purity Ring is a future-pop duo made up of Montreal, Quebec natives Corin Roddick and Megan James. The duo released their debut album ‘Shrines’ on July 23rd, 2012 (UK) and July 24th, 2012 (US & Canada) and are signed to British indie label 4AD. In just a couple of weeks the album has collected countless favourable reviews, including a 9/10 from NME and 8/10 from Drowned In Sound.

The band appear at first listen to be a sublime contradiction in terms; Roddick’s hip hop-inspired percussion flying through the air with the greatest of ease, never losing its grip on James’ ethereal and lyrically vehement vocals. Roddick and James have earned themselves an enviable fanbase amongst their peers since the album’s release, with Mikky Ekko and label mate Grimes posting favourable comments about their work. I was especially drawn to ‘Obedear’ and ‘Fineshrine’ on my first listen of the album. Purity Ring should achieve great things this year.



Labyrinth Ear have released a new track, ‘Urchin’, which has been made available as a free download at:

The band are currently recording their debut album and this is the first track to be released from the record. If you have heard their first EP ‘Apparitions’, you will understand my justifiable excitement at this revelation.


Queen of Hearts has released a cover of Ben Howard‘s ‘Only Love’, no doubt to tide fans over whilst she finishes work on an EP of new material, set to be released in September 2012. Being a fan of both artists, I can only live in hope of a future Howard cover of ‘Neon.’


Mikky Ekko has posted a new track, ‘We Must Be Killers’ on his social networking pages and a link to a video which is rather wonderful. The track is played against a backdrop of scenes from The Fox and the Hound; I love foxes, I love hounds and I love Mikky Ekko – what’s not to love about all of the above?!


Last but not least; Mumford and Sons have released an audio version of the first single to be taken from their upcoming album ‘Babel’. ‘I Will Wait’ is a noticeably more fast-paced folk offering than we have become accustommed to from the Mumford boys. Perhaps the merger of marriage with a frenetic life on the road has provided some welcome songwriting inspiration for Marcus? / / / /

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August 8, 2012 at 1:47 pm

Paddling out and @miikesnow; the true definition of being happy to me

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My favourite electro-pop band, Miike Snow, have announced their debut single from second album ‘Happy To You’; ‘Paddling Out’ had its first airing on the Zane Lowe show last night, on Radio 1.

‘Happy To You’ is the follow-up to Miike Snow’s critically-acclaimed and evergreen debut self-titled record (2009) and hopes are high for what the Swedish electronic magicians have in store for us this time. ‘Paddling Out’ will be available to download on March 11th, 2012 with the second album getting its release a week later, on March 19th, 2012. An extensive tour of the US will follow.


Debut album tracks ‘Sylvia’, ‘Burial’ and ‘Cult Logic’ feature prominently in my list of favourite songs of my lifetime, and I fully expect their new album to add further poundage to that list.

Please extend that tour to the UK, guys!

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January 20, 2012 at 11:14 am

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2 years, 1 month and 11 days; the wait is over…new music from Miike Snow @miikesnow

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Miike Snow is Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winnberg and Andrew Wyatt; an indie-electronic band from Sweden and the US, and one of my personal favourites. The band released their self-titled debut album in October 2009, which includes such internationally- acclaimed tracks as the infectious ‘Animal’ (for which I am yet to find an antidote) and the sublime ‘Burial’ (still, one of the most stunning music videos I’ve ever seen.) The album in its entirety is a masterpiece of electro-pop; see ‘Cult Logic’ and ‘Plastic Jungle’ for proof of such a grand statement. I watched the band perform live for the first time at V Festival 2009 and was transfixed by their stage presence and the musical and technical creativity that emanates from each member. Like their avatar; the mythical Jackalope (half rabbit/half antelope), Miike Snow are somewhat shy and elusive in temperament, yet remain effortlessly cool.

Last week, the band announced that after 2 years, 1 month and 11 days, their second album was complete:

The videos are being shot.  The artwork is being finished.  The tour dates are being planned.

A taste of what was to come was provided this week  in the form of new track, ‘Devil’s Work’, with accompanying video by Andreas Nillson. Heavier drums take prominence over keys on this track, but the band’s original aim when they formed, to:

 …merge the sound of a live thing — piano and drums — with something that is very programmed and old.

is still clearly very much at the forefront of their sound. Andrew Wyatt’s captivating and unique vocals are definitely one of Miike Snow ‘s unique selling points and sell they shall, in abundance if there is any justice in this business which they call music. Miike Snow ‘s as yet untitled second album is set for release in early 2012 with a new single in January. I’ll be first in the virtual line for this much anticipated body of work and wonder.

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December 7, 2011 at 12:06 pm

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Symphonic guilty pleasures; Wolf Gang release debut album ‘Suego Faults’

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Wolf Gang is the work of symphonic rock and progressive artist, Max McElligott. After touring with the likes of Florence And The Machine, Miike Snow and Metric, Wolf Gang has this week (July 25th, 2011)  released his debut album ‘Suego Faults‘ on Atlantic Records. To celebrate the release of the record, he has also re-released his critically acclaimed debut single ‘The King And All Of His Men.’

The album features the following 10 tracks: Lions In Cages/Something Unusual/Stay And Defend/Suego Faults/The King And All Of His Men/Back To Back/Midnight Dancers/Dancing With The Devil/Where Are You Now/Planets.

Wolf Gang’s sound is euphoric, far-off psychedelic wonderment, much in the same vein as MGMT and Empire of the Sun, however his vocal range and musical craftsmanship allow him to dip in to rock ballad and piano pop territory; his sound is effortlessly classic yet exuberantly modern in equal measure. I have included a couple of my other favourite tracks from the album below: ‘Lions In Cages‘ and ‘Dancing With The Devil.’

If you start your musical career supporting the likes of Florence and Miike Snow, you can’t go far wrong in my eyes. I look forward to hearing great things from Wolf Gang. / @wolfgang

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July 26, 2011 at 2:24 pm

Together in electric dreams; watch out for Metronomy and The Sound of Arrows

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Metronomy are an electronic-pop band, originally formed by Joseph Mount in Devon, in 1999.  The band now consists of four members: Mount, Anna Prior (drums), Oscar Cash (saxophone and keys) and Gbenga Adelekan (bass guitar and vocals). Their early work (pre – ‘Nights Out‘, their second album, released in 2008) consisted mainly of instrumental electronic music; following through with vocals and then branching out in to the remix arena, working with artists such as Klaxons, Gorillaz, Goldfrapp and Ladytron. More recently, Mount has hit the headlines for his work with Girls Aloud member Nicola Roberts, on her upcoming debut album said to feature a mix of electro-synth tracks; the track Mount  penned, widely claimed to be the best on the album.

Metronomy released their third studio album ‘The English Riviera‘ in April 2011 and the third track to be released from the record is ‘The Bay.’ The cinematography is awesome in the accompanying music video and was unbelievably filmed in Torquay, Devon…you’d be forgiven for mistaking the landscape for the hazy hues of the Mediterranean, it is simply stunning. I must get myself down there for a holiday pronto! After a widely praised performance at Glastonbury this year, I predict that Metronomy’s star will continue to rise for a long time to come. / @metronomy

The Sound of Arrows are a Swedish electronic duo, consisting of Oskar Gullstrand and Stefan Storm. Being a big fan of Robyn and Miike Snow, I have long been of the opinion that when it comes to electro-pop, the Swedes can rarely be beaten. You may be familiar with a couple of early tracks from the band: ‘Nova‘ and ‘Into the Clouds‘, both of which received widespread critical acclaim and the latter of which being amongst the most downloaded songs in the UK in September, 2009. Their new track ‘Magic‘ is featured on a popular automotive commercial, but the music video to the track is a sight to behold in itself. The video takes the form of a mini foreign language film and features dreamy landscapes and heavenly wishes; it’s the best video I’ve seen so far this year. The band have a scarily similar sound to Pet Shop Boys, which is no bad thing but I would say that their sound is slightly less synth and slightly more electrically serene. Looking forward to seeing much more from these guys when their debut album is released later this year.  /  @soundofarrows

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July 7, 2011 at 12:38 pm

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